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Made in Italy

SpecialtyCustom-made Italian seating
OffersSectionals, Sofas, Chairs, Accent Tables
Nicoline is on display in our showroom

About Nicoline

Among hundreds of Italian seating brands, Nicoline is somehow different.

It’s not the endless assortment of fabrics and leathers in any color you can imagine. Not the ability to build your own sectional in the exact shape that fits your space. No. That’s too simple, too obvious.

Perhaps it’s the precise geometry of the sleek lacquered legs. The meticulously upholstered backs, so tight you can visibly see tension. The contrast stitching that captures your gaze without revealing a single loose thread.

It’s the finishing touch of starch on a freshly-pressed shirt. The shiny coat of polish that gleams off red-bottomed shoes. That feeling of satisfaction you get when something is done right. When everything is just… perfect.

The devil is in the details. He chooses Nicoline.

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