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Made in Italy

SpecialtyCustom Sofas & Sectionals
OffersSectionals, Recliners, Sofas, Sofa-Beds, Accent Chairs
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About Nicoletti

Modern, sleek, and elegant, Nicoletti’s sofas feature expert Italian craftsmanship at unbeatable prices. With a 50-year track record of flawless workmanship, innovative design, and rigorous quality control, Nicoletti is a safe and reliable choice for modern Italian seating.

Surprisingly Affordable

There’s a strong misconception about the cost of European furniture. People assume that pieces imported from Italy are dramatically more expensive than what’s for sale at West Elm or Room & Board. Nicoletti’s Italian sofas and sectionals are the perfect counterexample.

You can purchase a genuine leather sofa from Nicoletti for a small premium to what many people spend on run-of-the-mill furniture with cheap materials and poor construction.

Our only explanation is that people aren’t aware they can receive a quality, European-made product for a comparable price. Not to mention the European piece will last many years longer. Any shrewd buyer will recognize that European furniture presents a much greater value.

As the old adage says: we are not so wealthy that we can afford to buy cheap goods.

Tried and True

Nicoletti has been making sofas, chairs, and sectionals in Italy for over 5 decades. They’ve sold thousands of pieces, introduced Italian furniture to countless American homes, and attracted a loyal following. When it comes to modern Italian seating, you can’t go wrong with Nicoletti.

Always In-Style

Nicoletti’s sofas and sectionals are clean and elegant with straight lines and sleek finishes. Focused on the fundamentals, Nicoletti’s furniture is simple, yet sophisticated, with impeccable quality and comfort.

Nicoletti and Calia

Nicoletti furniture is sometimes marketed under the Calia Italia brand. Nicoletti and Calia have a decades-old partnership to produce and distribute Italian seating in the United States. Over the years, they’ve released models under Nicoletti, Calia, Giuseppe & Giuseppe, and most recently Italian Homes. Rest assured, models marketed under any of these brands feature Nicoletti’s rigorous standards of craftsmanship.

Order Nicoletti from Casa Elegante

Casa Elegante has access to all Nicoletti and Calia models. We stock several popular models in our showroom and can custom-order any model in their current line.

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