Casa Elegante

Interlude Home

Made in USA

StyleModern, mid-century, transitional
SpecialtyHigh-end custom upholstery with crisp tailoring and design
OffersSectionals, Sofas, Chairs, Chaises, Accessories

About Interlude Home

Interlude offers one of the nicest custom upholstery programs in the US. Formerly Weiman Furniture, Interlude Custom Upholstery has an established history of quality, provides an unparalleled range of options, and can have your custom sofa delivered to our store in 8-12 weeks.

Trendy Design, Premium Quality

Interlude designs soft contemporary upholstery that’s ultra-comfortable and perfect for lounging. Sexy, curved sectionals, sofas, beds and chairs are their trademark. Interlude brings quality craftsmanship to trendy design, creating the pieces everyone wants to a standard they’ll be proud to purchase.

Custom Upholstery – USA Made

Interlude’s Custom Upholstery Program is one of the company’s most compelling offerings. We recommend the program to customers that want quality custom upholstery made in the US by a proven, reputable brand.

Extensive Fabric Options

The custom upholstery program provides extensive design freedom with over 100 fabric and leather options. If you aren’t satisfied with their selection, Interlude’s COM program allows you to provide your own material as well.

Wait Less, Enjoy More

The best part? With their factory in Virginia, Interlude produces and delivers your expertly upholstered piece in just 8-12 weeks.

Weiman Furniture – A Legacy of Excellence

Interlude’s Custom Upholstery factory has over 50 years of experience making furniture in the USA. Interlude acquired the business from Weiman Furniture, a storied brand that established a track record of excellence through decades of outstanding craftsmanship. Interlude Custom Upholstery is one of the last remaining strongholds of American furniture production. They do its reputation justice.

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