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Elite Modern

Made in USA

SpecialtySleek, highly-customizable, metal, glass, & wood designs
OffersLiving, office, dining – known for premium barstools.
Elite Modern is on display in our showroom

About Elite Modern

Elite Modern specializes in high-end modern dining furniture. The brand is best known for its line of premium barstools with sleek metal frames and extensive customization options.

Immediately Recognizable

Elite’s style is distinct and original, characterized by several iconic features. A unique combination of metal, glass, and wood. A sleek, shiny finish glimmering from an edgy curved frame. Elite Modern’s sophisticated designs can transform any interior into a classy, upscale setting.

Even the Metal is Customizable

Elite’s models can be customized to your heart’s content. Starting with seat materials, from leather to fabric, in an array of vibrant colors. Moving to the wood finish, whether you prefer a natural wood or a dark edgy ebony. And the finishing touch… the color of the metal. A customization only made possible by Elite’s unique powder coating capability. With Elite Modern, you have full control over the design of your furniture.

Together From the Start

We’ve watched Elite grow from a family business producing barstools in limited quantities to a powerhouse in the furniture industry. Our longstanding partnership began when they launched their factory in the same year we opened our store: 1987. Having sold hundreds of Elite products, we take immense pride in being there from the beginning. Today, Elite’s exceptional furniture continues to delight and satisfy our customers.