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Made in Italy

SpecialtyCustom-made Italian seating
OffersSectionals, Sofas, Chairs, Accent Tables
EgoItaliano is on display in our showroom

About EgoItaliano

EgoItaliano specializes in designing sofas, armchairs and home accessories that stand out for their colorful, innovative, and eclectic designs. All EgoItaliano furniture is Made in Italy with top-quality materials and to the highest standards of Italian craftsmanship.

Live Your Way

Express your personality with a statement piece from EgoItaliano:

Bold and daring?

Try the GIADA with a burgundy leather trim

Sleek and sophisticated?

Go with the MARTINE in light-gray for a sharp look

Fun and outgoing?

The YUKI will exude the positive energy you thrive on

Laid-back and down-to-earth?

PLAZA‘s deep, luxurious, cushions are the perfect space to lounge

Colorful, Comfortable and Customizable

Ego’s sofas and sectionals are highly customizable. They can be ordered in a wide assortment of leathers and fabrics featuring over 550 unique colors. If you’re especially creative, Ego can upholster your piece in several different colors or materials to create a truly show-stopping design. Need some inspiration? See how Ego matches contrasting leathers and fabrics on the Gloria to create captivating two-tone designs.

Modern Technology for a Modern Style

With Ego’s state-of-the-art battery-powered recliners, you won’t have to worry about keeping your furniture plugged in. Free yourself from the wall and float your sectional how you’ve always wanted to: right in the middle of your living room. Now you can recline and get the best angle in the house. This is not your mother’s La-Z-Boy. A quick 24-hour charge is enough to power a month of average recliner use.

Create a Home You Can be Proud Of

Everyone strives to live a life they can be proud of. At Casa Elegante, we believe a beautiful home is the first step toward achieving that goal. That’s why we seek outstanding brands like EgoItaliano. We want you to take pride in your furniture, your home, and the life you create around them. Take the first step toward a beautiful life with us. Satisfy your Ego with EgoItaliano.

Buy EgoItaliano at Casa Elegante

While EgoItaliano’s bold and bright-colored sofas are well-known in Italy, the brand is hard to come by in the United States. We believe U.S. buyers deserve access to EgoItaliano’s exceptional craftsmanship and unforgettable designs. As such, Casa Elegante is proud to be the first and only EgoItaliano retailer in the Midwest, featuring many models on display in our Chicago showroom.

Not in Chicago? No problem! We can import Ego furniture for buyers across the country. Contact us and we’ll be glad to help you place an order.

Our Best Sellers from EgoItaliano