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Made in Italy

SpecialtyInnovative Italian design
OffersLiving, Bedroom, Dining, Office, Lighting, Accessories
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About Cattelan

Cattelan Italia is a longtime leader and trendsetter in modern Italian furniture best known for its iconic dining tables and stylish home accessories. Cattelan’s top-selling designs have remained fashionable for decades, now staples of the modern Italian style.

The Real Deal

Owning Cattelan furniture carries great prestige. The brand is known across the world for launching iconic designs that have inspired much of today’s Italian modern furniture. To buy Cattelan is to own the original, not the inspired-by, the imitation, or the knock-off. You can tell a lot about a man from his furniture. Cattelan says: “I’m the real deal”.

Always Italian

Cattelan takes great pride in their use of Italian-made textiles. In the furniture industry, Italian materials are widely considered to be superior in beauty, purity, and durability. Cattelan furniture features genuine Italian leather upholstery and Italian ceramic tabletops.