Casa Elegante


Made in Italy

StyleTraditional, European Classical
SpecialtySolid wood furniture with beautiful hand-carved details
OffersLiving, Bedroom, Dining, Office, Accessories
Carpanelli is on display in our showroom

About Carpanelli

Carpanelli is best known for their solid wood traditional furniture. Anything but ordinary, their pieces feature elaborate frames, ornate designs, and hand-carved inlays that make them truly one-of-a-kind.

Luxury Without Excess

Carpanelli’s use of natural wood finishes tempers the extravagance and opulence of the traditional style in favor of moderation and elegance. Luxury is there but it is balanced and “camouflaged” in the details and in the choice of fine materials and finishes. The result is an elegant and balanced look without excess.

Generations of Craftsmanship

Carpanelli has over 100 years of experience making classic Italian furniture. In the heart of Italy’s luxury furniture district, Carpanelli’s master craftsmen create beautiful traditional pieces using techniques passed down through three generations.

The Art of the Inlay

Inlaying is one example of a traditional technique Carpanelli uses extensively. Artisans hand-carve elaborate wood artwork called inlays and carefully lay them flush into solid wood surfaces.

Impossible to Imitate

These traditional techniques require meticulous attention to detail and an immense amount of training to master. As a result, you won’t come across many companies offering similar furniture.