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Made in Italy

StyleClassical, Art Deco, Avant-Garde
SpecialtyBold, fresh takes on classical designs
OffersLiving, Bedroom, Dining, Office
ArredoClassic is on display in our showroom

About ArredoClassic

ArredoClassic offers Italian furniture collections that add luxury and excitement to typical classical designs.

A Modern Take on Classical Furniture

Arredo’s classic designs have a distinctly contemporary look and feel. Trading modesty for excitement, Arredo furniture strikes an elegant balance between tradition and luxury. Gleaming finishes and gilded hardware make Arredo’s classic style exciting and eye-catching.

Classical Furniture Available Fast

Arredo is one of few Italian classical furniture brands that offers an in-stock program in the United States. We can deliver in-stock collections to your home within a few weeks of purchase.

Most classical furniture is made to order only – you need to wait months for your furniture to arrive from Italy. With Arredo, you get classical furniture quickly and can see floor samples live in our showroom before ordering.

Order Arredoclassic at Casa Elegante

Casa Elegante is proud to be Arredoclassic’s exclusive partner in Chicago. Not in Chicago? No problem! We can import Arredo furniture for buyers across the country. Contact us and we’ll be glad to help you place an order.

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