Casa Elegante

Antonelli Atelier

Made in Italy

StyleTransitional, Modern
SpecialtyTop-caliber designs combining wood, leather & marble
OffersLiving, Bedroom, Dining, Occasionals, Accessories

About Antonelli Atelier

Antonelli Atelier is an Italian manufacturer of classic and contemporary furniture. The company blends Italian design with extravagant materials to create pieces of unmatched luxury.

Luxurious Yet Tasteful

Antonelli tastefully pairs exotic materials to create stunning designs that are not imposing. Antonelli can take an ebony veneer base, pair it with light nubuck leather, add subtle rose gold accents, and deliver a nightstand whose beauty rivals a master work of art.

A Hidden Gem

Antonelli has been operating out of a small, inconspicuous factory in Italy since 1965. Their craft is a well-kept secret, held closely among those of us in the industry who have recognized their exceptional talent.

An Exclusive Club

Purchasing Antonelli furniture places you among an exclusive group of discerning connoisseurs. As Antonelli’s partner in the United States, we are proud to offer you the ticket to that club.

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